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Prevas supports knowledge platform for industrial digitalization



The demonstration project Smart Factories is intended to showcase digitalization’s capabilities, increase interest in technology among young people and to provide skills development to industry. Göteborgs Tekniska College is managing the project for the construction of a factory in miniature at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. As an industrial partner, Prevas is contributing with technical expertise and mentorship for students’ work.

Smart Factories is a platform for collaboration between the educational system and commerce. About 80 students from colleges, traditional trade schools, trade schools for adult education and high schools have been involved in the project since January of 2017.

“The students have, for example, built a digital copy of the factory, and they’ve worked with smart methods, augmented reality and sustainable production,” says Johan Bengtsson, Göteborgs Tekniska College, project manager for the initiative. “The project is an excellent example of how the educational system and commerce can collaborate.”

The overall goal of Smart Factories is to spread knowledge of digitalization and to convey a positive picture of careers in industry. Prevas is one of approximately 50 industrial partners that provides expertise, technical systems and components for projects.

“Together with Göteborgs Tekniska College, we’ve developed and installed the factory’s order and planning system,” says Prevas Senior Sales Manager Lars Sandberg, in charge of industrial systems in Western Sweden. “The installation is based on Prevas’ production platform eLIPS, which is used by our large industrial customers.”

The educational dimension of the project is essential for Prevas, which among other things, has provided mentors for student projects in maintenance systems. Moreover, the Smart Factories project is being used for internal skills development and marketing of Prevas as a place to work.

“Through our engagement in Smart Factories, we show potential employees what we do and what we stand for,” says Lars Sandberg. “At the same time, the project opens unique opportunities for professional collaboration between both students and customers, as well as partners in the region.

Prevas mini-convention
On August 24, Prevas arranged an internal education day and mini-convention focusing on the finished factory that was built at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Johan Bengtsson and Adrian Bentland from Göteborgs Tekniska College welcomed the participants and presented the factory environment. A number of profile projects in Prevas’ various fields of expertise were presented, which gave the participants an opportunity to learn from one another and establish contacts with colleagues from other offices.

AutArch, a Prevas system for collection, analysis and presentation of production data

Tommy Andersson presents AutArch, a Prevas system for collection, analysis and presentation of production data.

Smart factories

Johan Bergsten (right) and Patrik Åkerlind (left) inspect the die that punches out the cardboard sheet, which is subsequently folded into the factory’s final product – a pair of VR goggles.

Prevas AR application for machine maintenance

Patrik Olsson Bichis shows a Prevas AR application for machine maintenance.

Prevas-developed VR application

Torjus Færsnes tests the capability to control a robot via a Prevas-developed VR application.

Smart Factories

Prevas Senior Sales Manager Lars Sandberg together with Johan Bengtsson, Göteborgs Tekniska College, project manager for Smart Factories.


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