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Design of test systems

Products are becoming more complex and electronics are introduced in everything. In the meantime, the market demands shorter time-to-market, a large variety of products, and higher quality.

Automated test becomes a very important tool in supporting this process and in ensuring the product quality in both development, production and product maintenance.

With 20+ years of experience in test system implementation and measurement solutions, Prevas solves complex challenges with high precision, in a dynamic and efficient way. Prevas offers a complete service within areas like system architecture, automated test aystems, sensor technology and much more. Prevas also instructs and supports the customers in test strategies and basic architecture, to ensure that the customer can maintain and scale the provided solution.

National Instruments Gold Alliance Partner

Prevas is a Gold Alliance Partner with National Instruments and are experienced in creating test system frameworks, both in LabVIEW and TestStand. This combination enables Prevas to create tailored test system solutions depending on the requirements.

Being a gold alliance partner with National Instrument is a huge responsibility and we proud to have earned this level of excellence. We can refer to more than 10 years’ experience in implementing systems based on products from National Instrument. Certified LabVIEW system architects and developers assist in customer projects and provide customized systems with superior flexibility and best cost/performance ratio. The partnership includes joint marketing events and seminars.

NI's Gold Alliance Partners use their expertise and profound knowledge of NI's products to build customized technical solutions. Together, NI and Prevas can offer customers high quality turnkey solutions based on graphic system design. As an Alliance Partner Prevas enjoys the benefits of early access to product roadmaps, beta releases, and advanced support. In the end, this is beneficial to our customers.

Prevas can also offer proprietary NI-related modules to satisfy customers' needs.

WATS, test data management tool

Test data management tool, WATS, enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the production KPIs. WATS is a test data management service that transforms test and repair data into actionable information, by providing easy access to yield, trends, statistical parameters and more - all in real time, through your browser. Any production test system can be easily connected to WATS. We have integrated WATS to several hundreds of test machines and helped our customers to improve production efficiency.

WATS Collection
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Test and verification

Test is about information management – data collection, processing, validation, analysis and result – as well as ensuring that all activities are conducted within clearly defined frames.

Prevas provides expertise for product testing with embedded systems as well as several different test solutions, which enables us to develop effective test- and measurement systems for our customers.

With digitalization, we can now handle many future needs in a scalable manner. Digital systems provide instruction requirements and enables both follow-up and traceability, as well as data analysis.

Quality assurance

With new regulations and legislation, requirements for control and traceability are becoming more stringent in product development and production. This in combination with the security aspects for connected equipment is making work with quality increasingly complex.

Prevas’ skilled engineers have in-depth understanding of product development and production, as well as the link between the two, and we can provide expert knowledge of regulatory requirements and standards.


Every organization is unique, with its own needs and demands for establishing and maintaining a secure and efficient environment. We help our customers define, configure, implement and establish security for their connected products.

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