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High-speed Ethernet Communication Cores.


UDP/IP Cores are suitable for implementing (in an Xilinx FPGA) high-speed communication over a LAN or a point-to-point link to a PC, when UART or parallel ports are not fast enough. The technology is highly suitable for transmission of large data packets and for use in systems with great demands for real-time performance.

Prevas offers design services for customizing the core to your application.


  • Sends/receives UDP/IP-packets (User Datagram Protocol) over Ethernet
  • Supports transfer rates at 10/100/1000Mbit
  • Sends/receives unicast or multicast messages
  • Replies to echo (ping) requests
  • ARP-table with 4 entries
  • Checks UDP checksum of received packets

Typical applications

  • High-speed Ethernet communication between PCs in a LAN
  • Broadcast application; when data transfer to more than one target is required
  • Video, image, and audio transfer over Ethernet, e.g. streaming media


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