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Prevas donating money to UNICEF and Musikhjälpen



Our commitment is based on our core values. We are an engineering company and for us it is a matter of course to share our knowledge and experience to help others. That's what we do best! To be personal, caring and taking responsibility, are other pieces of the puzzle that are important for us.

Prevas is thus making a donation to UNICEF this Christmas. UNICEF works for children's rights in all fundamental areas, such as psychological and material needs of refugee children.

Prevas is also making a larger donation to the Musikhjälpen, governed by the Swedish public service broadcasting network's aid foundation, Radiohjälpen. Musikhjälpen's theme this year "children in war zone have the right to go to school" provides an important prerequisite for the children to have hope in a difficult situation. Here we want to participate and contribute.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
From your friends at Prevas