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What does a coffee-roasting plant and a windpower plant have in common with mobile healthcare may not be all that apparent at first glance, but there are similarities. Besides exciting technical solutions, flexible platforms and how one takes advantage of new technology and digitalization, there is a strong sustainability approach regarding the environment and health.


ALL PROGNOSES indicate that in the future, we won’t be able to treat all patients at hospitals; care and examinations must instead be possible to conduct remotely. At the same time, interest is increasing in mobile healthcare solutions, mHealth, both among healthcare providers and those who want to maintain their good health or regain it. Prevas has the good fortune of meeting people and companies that are looking for development support for realizing their product ideas, often for the benefit of both individuals and society.

We make healthcare more efficient, reduce queues and at the same time make it more personal. Not everyone however, is aware of the tough requirements for medical technology equipment along with the safety and security factors that relate to the connected equipment.

Many good ideas are realized by people with knowledge and drive, but the tough regulations that apply to products in the medical technology field can represent considerable obstacles to overcome. This can result in good ideas never being commercialized due to the specialist expertise needed to deal with all the requirements.

Tech Trends no 1 2018

All of this illustrates the importance of having the right collaborative partner. This is where Prevas’ solid experience and expertise in conducting development projects in the area can provide major benefits both for customers and society.

mHealth enables an entire new level of accessibility compared to what we are accustomed to with traditional healthcare. We can always have a data collector with us these days in the form of a smartphone, often in combination with various types of sensors. Thus equipped, we can both view our current health status and even send related data via cloud services to medical personnel for evaluation.

The capability to combine traditional technology with new solutions results in products that we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago. An example of this is the TripleA product, developed by Kontigo Care with support from Prevas. You can read about our exciting collaboration and the value of a sober day on page 6.

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