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Our values define us

Shared core values are key to our success. They pave the way for better communication and co-operation, reduce the need for detailed rules and regulations, and make our organization more agile and worker friendly. Shared values serve as our mutual agreement and allows everyone to work more freely within our common beliefs.

Sharing values does not mean that we are all the same. We embrace differences and promote diversity. We believe that unique individuals are important in creating strong, successful teams, which help build trust both between each other, our customers and with our partners. As colleagues and friends, we collaborate to solve complex problems with ground-breaking technology, intuitive thinking and sheer creativity.

Our values are principles that guide our daily behaviors in relation to both customers and colleagues. When we respect our values and behave accordingly, we manifest our company culture.

At Prevas, we summarize our values in the acronym BOAT – Business driven, Open minded, Active and Team player.

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Corporate culture

Business Driven
For us, being business driven means being helpful, attentive and engaging. We believe it is vital to take the client’s perspective in order to understand their challenges and needs, and do what’s best for them. By being business driven, we establish long-term, healthy relationships.

Open Minded
With an open mind, we never shy away from considering ideas and opinions that are different from what we’re used to. We view change as a potential opportunity. This may require leaving our comfort zone and exploring new possibilities. The process can often be challenging but crucial in order to grasp complex problems, find creative solutions, and to help us grow as individuals.

Action is a powerful thing. At Prevas, we celebrate the inner strength, determination and passion of each and every individual. We encourage everyone to think big, challenge conventions, and innovate. We direct our efforts towards actively solving environmental and social challenges for our customers. It’s okay to make mistakes, because they help us become even better at what we do.

Team Player
We strive to be great team members. We do our best in caring for one another, sharing knowledge and experiences, taking responsibility, elevating other team members, and giving constructive feedback. At Prevas, we help each other grow as individuals and as teams.

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