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Prevas and AT&T initiating collaboration



AT&T and Prevas are initiating collaboration to develop IoT solutions (Internet of Things) and smart services for global industries and vertical markets. The three-year arrangement will assist businesses in utilizing AT&T's global and very secure IoT solutions together with Prevas’ industry expertise.

The goal is to help Prevas’ customers quickly get their connected products and services out on the market.

For more than 30 years, Prevas has helped businesses in industries such as lift science, automotive, defense, energy and manufacturing. Prevas is now integrating its expertise with AT&T's capacity in IoT technology. This is a business model that will help Prevas to quickly integrate global IoT services in its operations and customer projects.

“We have a passion for resolving technical challenges and have considerable breadth in our projects,” says Björn Andersson, manager for Product Development Solutions at Prevas. “Our customers turn to us for help in exploiting the opportunities of the technology and digitalization.”

“Our collaboration with Prevas is an example of how we are at the forefront of the transformation in how companies do business,” says John Vladimir Slamecka, AT&T Regional President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “For industrial and high-tech global companies that want to quickly get their connected products out on the market with the help of IoT services, we're the go-to team. Together with Prevas, AT&T provides a fast track for companies in getting their IoT services on the market.”

More information about AT&T’s and Prevas’ collaboration.


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