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Municipality of Karlstad

Municipality of Karlstad secures the future of water supply and wastewater maintenance with HxGN EAM

At the same time as many municipal water and wastewater systems are older and thus increasingly maintenance-intensive, the demands on capacity and performance are increasing. The Municipality of Karlstad, in collaboration with Prevas, has streamlined and optimized maintenance and planning of the municipality's water and wastewater system through the introduction of HxGN EAM.

The water and wastewater department in Karlstad is responsible for ensuring that residents have access to clean water, and that wastewater is managed according to legal requirements and does not harm the environment.

“We have many water and wastewater plants, many of which are of an older vintage, and until now we've also had several different ways of managing the maintenance processes,” says Veronica Adrian, who heads the water and wastewater department for the Municipality of Karlstad. “Given the increasing need for maintenance, we believe that it's high time to move from the current lists and calendar system to a more coherent, robust and efficient solution.”

Facilitates daily maintenance activities

HxGN EAM is a web-based maintenance solution that helps enterprises to monitor the condition and performance of their production resources. In the spring of 2023, Prevas was engaged to implement HxGN EAM at the water and wastewater department in Karlstad.

“Right from the start, we felt confident with Prevas' experience and knowledge, as we knew that they had previously carried out several integrations in various municipal operations,” says Veronica Adrian. “Collaboration in the project has been very good throughout.”

By introducing HxGN EAM, the Municipality of Karlstad, together with Prevas, has been able to streamline and automate large parts of its maintenance activities. The system makes it easier for staff to plan and schedule maintenance, follow up completed work and monitor relevant maintenance KPIs.

“Our primary focus is currently on managing and maintaining the technical facilities, which make up the largest part of the maintenance system,” says Carl Pålsson, who heads the technology unit for water and wastewater at the Municipality of Karlstad. “In the future, we'll also include the distribution networks in the system.”

Carl Pålsson says that they attach great importance to the solution being user-friendly and not generating unnecessary administrative work. The focus is on simplifying operations and maintenance, and it is important that users can easily check off completed tasks, check their inboxes and the like.

Decision support for future requirements and changes

In the long term, HxGN EAM will be able to integrate and organize all of the Municipality of Karlstad's water supply and wastewater plants as well as maintenance activities. This means collecting data on upcoming and completed maintenance activities, priorities, budgets and timelines, allowing for more advanced analysis and reporting than previously possible. The Municipality of Karlstad also strengthens its ability to meet future requirements as HxGN EAM functions both as a maintenance system and as a comprehensive decision support system.

“By offering easily accessible and relevant data, both users and decision-makers can act proactively, instead of spending unnecessary time and effort searching for information,” says Ylva Amrén, business region manager at Prevas, Region West. “HxGN EAM gives the municipality's management and employees the tools to implement measures and make decisions that benefit the organization in the long term.”

Prevas has also adapted the solution to meet the municipality's high requirements for security authorization when integrating into the existing IT environment.

Collaboration and joint commitment

The implementation process has been divided into several steps, both to facilitate users' understanding of how the system works and to allow for adjustments and adaptations while the project is underway.

“Our job is to understand the organization's challenges, goals and perspectives in order to create valuable solutions,” says Per Malmcrona, senior consultant and EAM specialist at Prevas. “Through close and committed collaboration, we can deliver a solution that helps our customers achieve their goals, rather than just selling a product.”

Prevas and the Municipality of Karlstad have jointly developed a solution that is not only relevant for current needs, but also for future challenges.

“The municipality's openness to change and their strong commitment have created the conditions for good collaboration and a successful project,” says Malin Andersson, application specialist and technical project manager at Prevas. “Our relationship is not about a single product delivery, but about building a long-term partnership.”

Those involved in the project – both at the municipality and Prevas – are looking forward to the continued development of the EAM system. Among other things, they see major potential in also using the system for inventory management, finance and asset management.

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Municipality of Karlstad secures the future of water supply and wastewater maintenance with HxGN EAM

Operations technician David Andersson and operations engineer Stefan Eriksson, wastewater unit, at the bio stage at Karlstad's largest treatment plant, Sjöstadsverket.

Municipality of Karlstad secures the future of water supply and wastewater maintenance with HxGN EAM

Veronica Adrian, Carl Pålsson, Per Malmcrona, Ulf Lundgren and Ylva Amrén.

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