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Technical calculations

Thanks to a wide range of skills, we can provide experienced consultants within a number of calculation areas. Calculations, dimensioning, simulation, and analysis can either be performed as separate calculation jobs, as part of large-scale development or order projects, internally, and on-site with the customer

We also have experience of running major projects and investigations, such as failure analysis, or acting as a sounding board to provide technical support to designers and project leaders. Our reference project portfolio includes everything from dimensioning bolt assemblies and welded constructions, to wind load calculations for telecom masts, short-circuit calculations, and seismic calculations and verification.

Product safety and quality can be enhanced through accurate technical calculations, development lead times can be cut, and calculations can be used as a complement to testing.

We work under full confidentiality, and the results are the property of the client.

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We offer extensive experience and specialist skills in a wide range of technical calculations. For example: Pressure rise caused by arcing, heat and flow, dynamics and vibrations, and strength calculations.

Calculation of pressure rise and dimensioning for pressure relief

In the event of a short circuit between one or more phases in connection equipment (in a switchboard, for example), arcing can occur, releasing very high energy in the form of heat very quickly. The heat causes a rise in pressure around the arcing site, which can damage the equipment. To limit such damage, pressure-relieving ventilation ducts are often used, along with pressure relief hatches. It is essential that the pressure relief hatches open at a level of pressure lower than that at which equipment can be damaged. Keeping the hatches closed at low-pressure variations is also often a requirement.

Our methods

We calculate the pressure rise caused by arcing, and have the experience to be able to dimension pressure-relief ventilation ducts and hatches. We use our own in-house-developed program to simulate and calculate pressure rise and pressure relief. Our effective calculation method presents and illustrates the total level of pressure relief required to counter maximum pressure. Choosing the size and number of hatches influences how quickly pressure can be relieved, and is therefore of interest to be able to quickly compare different designs.

Reference project

We have the experience to be able to calculate and analyze pressure rise and pressure relief for short circuiting in switchboards, transformers, etc. Using such calculations, we have helped to dimension and develop recommendations for pressure relief surface design.

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Heat and flow

Analysis of heat and flow using a CFD program or analytical methods

Heat problems can occur in solid materials, fluids, and gases caused by the heat of a motor, a magnetic field, or electrical components. Heat variations cause voltage fluctuations in the material, which lead to fatigue failure or breakdown of whole components due to excessively high temperatures.

Heat and flow analysis can be used to study the behavior of fluids and gases and their interaction with solids. We can help with analyses and evaluation of flow resistance, flow currents, heat transfer, and dissipation through radiation, convection, and wave patterns. We have considerable experience with air flow calculations, thermal analyses, as well as cooling and radiation calculations.

Our methods

Heat and flow calculations and simulations are performed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software and analytical methods. We use ANSYS and other software.

Reference project

Among other things, we have analyzed the braking effect and the variance of air cooling over time on wheels. We have also analyzed buildings and cabinets

heated by electrical components, and flow patterns around cooling water outlets into the sea. Analysis of oil-cooled gearboxes is another example of calculations we are used to performing.

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Dynamics and vibrations

Analysis of vibrations from rotating magnetic fields, vehicle vibrations, and earthquakes.

The requirements concerning strength for structures in dynamic environments and those exposed to movement and vibration are extra high. The effect of vibrations on structures can be aggravated by the frequency range of the vibration force being close to that of the structure’s own frequencies. This can cause rapidly increasing tension even at loads that would not normally cause damage. Vibrations can be caused, for example, by rotating magnetic fields, vehicle vibrations, or earthquakes.

Our methods

Using FEM simulation and response analyses, the effect of load on the structure can be analyzed, and the risk of fatigue failure or deformation caused by vibration can be minimized. All our analyses, such as vibration analyses, seismic calculation, and fatigue calculations, are performed according to national or international standards and norms. Our methods, FEM calculations, simulations, analyses, and verifications are based on standards and directives, such as Eurocodes, EN 12663, and VDI 2230, but also to a large degree on our own methods, developed in-house or specifically for customers. We use software such as Ansys and Siemens NX.

Reference project

We have extensive experience in seismic calculations and verification through dimensioning plants and machinery for areas susceptible to earthquakes. We have dimensioned structures for wind loads, and conducted response analyses on rotating machinery and vehicle components.

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Strength calculations

Dimensioning and analysis of the strength of welded and cast structures in steel, aluminum, and composite materials.

All types of mechanical constructions are exposed to static and dynamic loads, which stress the material and construction throughout their lifetime. They can occur due to vibrations from motors, vehicle movement, magnetic forces, or wind loads. Vibrations, loads, and other effects can cause cracking, fatigue, or failure of materials and structures. Analysis can identify critical areas, making it possible to suggest structural changes and improvements to ensure products and structures can withstand the loads they will be exposed to. By identifying the need for structural changes at an early stage in the design process, time and money can be saved. Design and technical calculations go hand in hand, which is why we always work closely with designers.

Our methods

We have extensive and detailed experience of dimensioning and analyzing the strength of all types of machines, equipment, machine elements, welded and  cast structures made of steel, aluminum, and composite materials. We help verify that your products fulfill their intended function and quality, that they can withstand the intended load, and meet relevant requirements and directives, such as for CE marking. Our methods, FEM calculations, simulations, analyses, and verifications are based on standards and directives, such as Eurocodes, EN 12663, and VDI 2230, but also to a large degree on our own methods, developed in-house or specifically for customers. We use software such as ANSYS and Siemens NX.

Reference project

Our calculation engineers have the experience necessary to work on everything from train components, motors, and industrial robots to oil platforms, telecom masts, and wind turbines. We have worked for customers in Sweden and abroad, including calculating how fast trains meeting in a tunnel will cope with wind impact, and taking part in technical calculations to protect the electricity grid against earthquakes in Chile.

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