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News: 2019-04-24

Is your product cyber-secure?

With several new initiatives, Prevas tunes in on cyber security and risk management for smart products.

As a development partner, Prevas helps solve the technical challenges clients face and realize their product ideas, whether the ideas involves a connected resuscitation mannequin, a device for fertility treatment, or a cloud solution for digital kitchens. Every day we see how innovative thinking creates opportunities for the development of new solutions for intelligent products, and the digitization of existing ones. Innovation in digitization and the Internet of Things is paving the way for many possibilities for today's companies, but also means an elevated risk of cyber attacks, information leaks, and other security breaches. Prevas sees a growing need among clients for the development of technical controls, monitoring of vulnerabilities, and other preventative measures.

"Cyber security is not something you either do or not do. It's basically a question of finding the right level to fit the field, the product, and the manufacturer," says Prevas cyber security strategist Rune Hillebo Wiinberg. "Adding an excessive number of controls means adding cost for the client and a longer time to market. On the other hand, having too few controls will result in a product that might be unsellable or otherwise do damage to the client and the client's reputation. This is where Prevas helps identify the right level to achieve the optimal balance."

Prevas’ specialists have designed a process tool for cyber security-related risk analysis that can be used to identify areas where a company should direct their efforts. Through the analysis, Prevas provides documentation that maps out the product's cyber security strategy to manage any vulnerabilities and threats. The material will typically be included as documentation according to applicable cyber security standards, such as ANSI/UL 2900-1 compliance or equivalent.

Prevas' tool is an asset in the development of new products, but can also be used to stress-test existing products.

To achieve faster time-to-market and reduce the costs of cyber security initiatives, Prevas specialists have compiled their experience and know-how into various reusable technical controls, the foundations of which have been thoroughly tested and proven capable of scaling and adapting to new products. This way, Prevas can deliver cost-effective cyber security solutions without having to compromise on quality.

In addition to the analysis itself, Prevas also has specialists who can assist companies in implementing any security measures and technical mitigation.