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News: 2024-04-11

Kenvue is assisted by Prevas’ expertise in project management and technology

During 2023, the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson’s Consumer Business underwent a spin-off into a separate legal entity known as Kenvue through an IPO process. Prevas was entrusted with project management for the migration of IT applications for Kenvue's pharmaceutical factory in Helsingborg, McNeil AB, and also contributed specialists for technical support throughout the process.

Kenvue is assisted by Prevas’ expertise in project management and technology

The division towards Kenvue, kicked-off a process known as the Diamond Project, commenced in the spring of 2022. Johnson & Johnson retains the Pharmaceutical and MedTech business, while the newly formed Kenvue takes over the Self-Care, Skin Health & Beauty and Essential Health products and over-the-counter medications.

“IT serves as the backbone and the foundation supporting the core business continuity and success of our site,” says Christopher Mamo, Digital IT Site Leader at McNeil AB pharmaceutical factory in Helsingborg. “In my view, the most crucial aspect to date was the successful migration of the Manufacturing Execution System. This system is vital to our site's operations, and its flawless execution marked a significant milestone, success for our team and for the business.”

The integration of the Diamond IT component into Kenvue required the development of a strategy to separate all GxP pharma-classified manufacturing PCs, applications, automation, embedded systems, network, and infrastructure throughout the entire site's end-to-end supply chain into the new Kenvue environment. Prevas's Project Manager began the project with a comprehensive analysis of what needed to be done. The Prevas team gradually expanded with specialist consultants in technology, system development, and programming.

To make the migration successful, the team has conducted thorough detective work, requiring a high level of precision – from developing specialized Excel solutions to analyzing existing Active Directories (AD), a service in Windows Server used to manage and organize users, resources, permissions, clients, and servers, and creating new groups with permissions tailored to Kenvue's new organization.

"We have had a strong focus on guaranteeing security and traceability for production," says Lise-Lotte Thuse, project leader at Prevas. “Our specialists have relocated and established new groups for the use of Kenvue's IT systems and applications, involving significant detective work. The work also required active participation in dialogues with the business and demanded a deep understanding of the operational needs.”

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