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News: 2019-11-14

Sustainable production in focus as Prevas and Recab join forces.

Prevas and Recab are both established suppliers in Swedish industry. They have now decided to initiate independent collaboration on sustainable production in order to offer comprehensive solutions that make it easier for organizations to take the next step on their digitalization journeys.

Swedish industry is facing continuous challenges and must come up with new solutions in establishing modern and sustainable production.

“The road there entails digitalization, automation and smart production,” says Ylva Amrén, regional manager at Prevas. “Many companies have begun their digitization journeys, but unfortunately, the steps taken are too small and a little too late. Many digitalization initiatives have also been put on ice because the same IT equipment used in office environments are expected to manage the harsh production environments in factories. We want to make it easier to take the next step and gain the confidence that new methods will work by offering sustainable, comprehensive solutions with the right conditions.”

If businesses continue as they always have, it can be difficult to maintain market positions. The incentives for change are thus strong and a lot is happening these days. Product ranges are becoming much broader and complexity is growing as industrial companies face new challenges at a pace never previously experienced.

“Prevas and Recab complement each other really well,” says Ylva Amrén, who is very pleased with the collaborative initiative. “Through Prevas’ extensive expertise in production logistics, robotics, automation, connected machines with condition monitoring, data analysis with AI and machine learning, and Recab's expertise in sensors, industrial communications and customized industrial computers, we can join in offering our customers future-proof and innovative comprehensive solutions.”

"We’re quite pleased with the new collaborative arrangement with Prevas,” says Carolin Burlin, CEO of Recab. “We see a major need for comprehensive solutions for companies that want to digitalize their operations. Being able to collaborate with a company like Prevas – with their more than 30 years of experience in technology-based, operational development – is great! Thanks to collaboration, our products can really come into their own in industry. Combining our skills in this way is a way of gearing up for all of us.”