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News: 2022-11-07

Prevas welcomes Myra Industriell Design AB

Prevas has signed an agreement to acquire 100 percent of Myra Industriell Design AB (Myra). A company at the forefront of industrial design and interaction design.

Prevas welcomes Myra Industrial Design AB

Caption: Hans-Erik Wikman (Prevas), Julia Treutiger (Myra), Jon-Karl Sundh (Myra), Stina Juhlin (Myra), Magnus Olsson (Myra) and Robert Tönhardt (Prevas).

Myra, a premium company dating back to 1976, has won many international design awards and is known as a comprehensive design supplier. During the early innovation phase, Myra works with a user-centered approach and designs products that improve and facilitate both the work environment and everyday life. With over 300 clients, Myra has a solid reputation and an impressive reference portfolio. With the help of a well-defined design process and top level creativity from the six employees, many successful products have been created.

“Myra will be a really nice addition to our existing operations,” says Hans-Erik Wikman, Regional Manager, Prevas Stockholm. “With their expertise in industrial design, they further strengthen our offer in product development and make us an even stronger partner”.

Myra's assignments range from everyday products and professional tools to medical devices and high technology, and their clients range from large international companies to individual entrepreneurs.

“It feels really good to join a company where we can better utilize our advanced skills,” says Jon-Karl Sundh, CEO of Myra. “It’s naturally a big advantage that we have already collaborated in a number of product projects over the years and thus are well aware of each other's strengths.”

Myra has a broad portfolio for medical devices, which has brought them several design prizes. In addition to aesthetically pleasing products, the user-centered design process leads to solutions that enhance the user experience and are both ergonomic and efficient. Their extensive experience also means design solutions that are certifiable and economical to produce.

With a passion for innovation and user focus, as well as color and form, Myra brings energy to development projects and provides the conditions for the best possible start. Well-designed products based on market requirements, with excellent ergonomics and well-balanced technical solutions are the key to success. Advanced assignments such as medical equipment are one of Myra's specialties and the product portfolio demonstrates many successful examples.

“It will be great to welcome our new colleagues and work more closely together, not least here in Stockholm”, says Robert Tönhardt, responsible for life science at Prevas. “The potential is greater given that Prevas and Myra have complementary client relationships, particularly in the medtech area".

The acquisition of 100% percent of Myra was finalized on November 1, 2022 and is expected to have a marginal impact on Prevas’ earnings per share in the current financial year.

For more information, contact
Hans-Erik Wikman, Regional Manager Stockholm, Prevas AB
Cell: +46 733 35 22 22, E-mail:

Jon-Karl Sundh, CEO, Myra Industriell Design AB
Cell: +46 708 605 650, E-mail:

Johan Strid, President & CEO, Prevas AB
Cell: +46 703 79 10 61, E-mail: