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News: 2023-06-12

Unibap and Prevas sign letter of intent
regarding Unibap's industrial operations

Unibap AB (Publ) has just signed a letter of intent with Prevas AB for initiating dialog on the transition of the company's industrial operations. Unibap has worked with automating Swedish industry since 2013 through its robotics and AI technology, as well as development of aerospace technology. In recent years, the company's aerospace operations have grown increasingly stronger and now account for close to 90% of the company's activities. Unibap's board therefore decided to initiate negotiations to transfer its industrial organization to Prevas, which has the capacity to continue develop industrial operations in the long term.

“Unibap is at a very exciting stage in terms of our aerospace services, which requires our complete focus on that market,” says Unibap CEO Johan Åman. “We're therefore really happy that together with Prevas, we can move forward in talks about our industrial operations. We're very positive to Prevas’ capabilities to manage and continue developing operations.”

Prevas has a strong position in product and production development and is a leader in digitalization and automation of Nordic industry. A continuing strong trend is the increasing need for deep technical expertise. Not least the need to be able to understand complex problems, find and deliver solutions, and have the capability to implement them.

“We see a nice opportunity to complement our strong services in advanced vision solutions by adding Unibap's expertise in AI and vision technology,” says Prevas CEO Magnus Welén CEO. “Unibap's industrial operations become part of our core operations at Prevas. We see great potential in future joint growth in advanced vision systems based on AI and machine learning for our demanding and world-leading industrial customers.”

For more information, contact:

Magnus Welén, President & CEO, Prevas AB, Mobile: +46 70 593 44 57, E-mail
Hans-Erik Wikman, regionchef Prevas Stockholm, Mobile: +46 733 35 22 22, E-mail
Johan Åman, VD, Unibap AB, Mobile: +46 70 851 00 21, E-mail