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News: 2023-08-30

eLIPS gives Meritor full control over advanced production logistics

Meritor HVS AB manufactures front and rear axles for heavy vehicles. Processing, manufacturing and assembly are conducted locally in the factory in Lindesberg, Sweden – everything from raw materials to finished axles. When Meritor needed to replace its systems for warehouse and production logistics, the choice fell to Prevas and eLIPS. This was the beginning of long and fruitful collaboration that continues to this day.

eLIPS gives Meritor full control over advanced production logistics

eLIPS is a technical platform, developed by Prevas, that provides full control over products in production and enables just-in-time material deliveries to all production units. eLIPS provides full support for functions such as transportation control, warehouse and inventory management, location selection, incoming and outgoing goods as well as transport order management. The background to the deployment of eLIPS at Meritor in Lindesberg was that the company had used a number of older systems that could no longer meet Meritor's production and support needs.

“The major advantage of eLIPS is its scalability and that the system is built from the ground up to adapt functions based on the needs of the organizations,” says Martin Friberg, senior software developer at Prevas and system manager for eLIPS. “The solution can also be used with existing legacy equipment and technology, making our solution cost-effective.”

Because eLIPS integrates with production equipment with high demands on running 24/7, a system with very high availability is required; eLIPS architecture is designed to meet these requirements. With its user-friendly process support for internal logistics, eLIPS is a very central and appreciated part of Meritor's operations.

"The functionality is the most important thing, that eLIPS can be adapted to our existing equipment, the size of the factory and the needs of our users,” says Stefan Svanholm. “We were aware of eLIPS and had good experiences from previous collaborative projects with Prevas, and everything has gone well this time too.”

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For more information, please contact:
Åsa Sandberg, Business Unit Manager, Sustainable Production & IndTech, Region West, Prevas AB, Mobile: +46 72 247 59 01, E-mail
Martin Friberg, Senior Software Developer, Region West, Prevas AB, Mobile: +46 70 278 92 11, E-mail