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News: 2023-09-21

Efficient stock management and reduced
waste with HxGN EAM

Hexagon Ragasco, the world's leading manufacturer of composite gas containers, has achieved considerable success through efficient and automated production with minimal downtime. Prevas has assisted with implementation of warehouse management in HxGN EAM. This solution has revolutionized their inventory management and resulted in significant benefits, including reduced waste and more control in day-to-day operations.

Efficient stock management and reduced  waste with HxGN EAM

“Hexagon Ragasco only produces to order and for customers all over the world, and are often faced with short deadlines,” says Atle Rørhus, who is one of those behind the company's fully automated operations. “This gives them a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Their advanced production line can produce one gas container every 10.5 seconds. Uptime at the factory is absolutely critical for our ability to deliver and consequently, the small maintenance windows we have must be fully utilized.”

Before implementing the warehouse management solution, Hexagon Ragasco used manual procedures to keep track of spare parts, tools and inventory. After the introduction of the new solution, they have experienced significant improvements, with fewer misregistrations, reduced waste and a lower number of discrepancies when counting items. This has resulted in more efficient stock management, and helps to optimize the operating processes.

“In the past, we often had to implement express deliveries with all the associated costs when critical parts were not available in stock,” says Emil Nordsetmoen, system manager for HxGN EAM at Hexagon Ragasco, who has worked on development of the integration together with Prevas. “We now work much more efficiently and have full confidence that we will always have the parts we need.” For the person on the next shift who continues with a job, everything is clear and easy so that downtime is minimized.

Integration of the warehouse robot and EAM solution has proven to be a powerful combination for Hexagon Ragasco. 1 + 1 has become 3. By avoiding double registration, reducing human error, eliminating costly rush orders and minimizing factory downtime, they have achieved a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity. In addition, efficient stock management has helped to reduce their climate footprint and ensure sustainable production.

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