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News: 2023-09-26

Prevas welcomes DVel

Prevas has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 51 percent of DVel AB. DVel is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of customized hardware test systems and is based in Lund with 25 employees.

Prevas welcomes DVel

Caption: Roland Ferngård (Prevas) and Riki Virc (DVel).

DVel provides customized test and measurement systems and has experts who can help clients with all aspects of test and measurement technology. Their track record includes several successful deliveries of test systems to the manufacturing industry, medtech and telecom. Customers include Baxter, Ericsson, Haldex and Saab.

“We're very happy to have DVel joining us at Prevas,” says Roland Ferngård, regional manager at Prevas. “DVel is a premium company with a very high level of knowledge and expertise in test and measurement technology. Their consultants are highly experienced and more than a third of them have a PhD in physics. Together we are broadening our offering in product development, where the mix of technical excellence, innovation and the ability to develop complex solutions is an attractive combination – both for clients and staff. The merger with DVel also gives us much-needed growth in the region with a strong foothold in Lund.”

Founded in 2012, DVel grew out of a desire to create a company with extremely knowledgeable consultants as well to provide the market with a stable and skilled supplier of specialists in test and measurement systems.

“DVel has always had very satisfied clients thanks to our extremely competent staff,” says Riki Virc, CEO of DVel. “Together with Prevas, we see that we can deliver that expertise to more clients in more segments and regions, in addition to what Prevas already provides. Prevas' organization and values are a very good fit for us and we see this as a great opportunity to continue growing. With the decentralized coverage Prevas gives us, we can take advantage of the benefits of a small, agile company, while reaching a much larger market.”

“We have a long-term plan to build up structural capital that will create value for our clients and generate interesting assignments for our staff,” says Magnus Welén, CEO at Prevas. “We're also focusing on establishing new nodes in our network, through acquisitions and new initiatives. It’s therefore particularly gratifying to be able to welcome DVel to Prevas.”

The acquisition will be finalized on October 2, 2023 and is expected to have a positive impact on Prevas' earnings per share during the current financial year.

“Together we are establishing a leading position in advanced test systems and we're looking forward to mutual development in this field with the recognized ace team from DVel,” says Magnus Welén. In addition to remaining in their operational roles, the former majority owners from DVel will stay on as co-owners, which we welcome. Prevas finances remain solid after the acquisition and the company is well-prepared for possible future acquisitions.

For more information, contact:
Roland Ferngård, Regional Manager South, Prevas AB, mobile: +46 72 734 08 04, email
Riki Virc, CEO, DVel AB, mobile: +46 73 385 69 10, email
Magnus Welén, President & CEO, Prevas AB, mobile: +46 70 593 44 57, email