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Field service, digitalization and mobility systems

Do you want to increase your revenues, improve efficiency and reduce waste? If it also contributes to increased sustainability and makes things simpler for your employees, customers and suppliers? Sound interesting?

We want to make maintenance and field service fun and appealing, something that creates job satisfaction! Get in touch – together we take a closer look at your field service and develop a solution for your specific operations.

We have solutions that enable you to work more mobile. And with support for field service, you give yourself, your customers and your suppliers opportunities to increase revenues and reduce costs. In addition, there is also a good chance of you gaining more satisfied customers and partners.

With our solution for field service and maintenance, you get a better overall view of product and service life cycles, and you also help your employees to do right from the start. You obtain a holistic concept with increased traceability and better follow-up of key figures for the areas that are important to monitor. With better control of your maintenance activities, you can increase the proportion of preventive maintenance and thus encounter fewer unplanned production stops. In addition, you can eliminate unnecessary manual tasks, freeing time for more value-creating activities.

We provide cloud solutions for your work with digitalization, which among other things, helps you attain:

  • Better workflows (fewer critical production stops/unnecessary waiting)
  • Increased focus on sustainability (optimized operation and planning)
  • Better follow-up of finances, current stock status, etc.
  • The right tools and materials for different jobs
  • Faster access to the right information
  • An overall concept with clearer handoffs and increased traceability
  • Shorter lead and waiting times
  • Reduced manual administrative work
  • Integration with other business systems
  • Simplified purchasing processes (automatic requisitions)
  • Capability to set smarter KPIs (key figures)
  • Better follow-up of goals and work performed (reporting tools)

Our field service systems cover entire life cycles for product service. We help enterprises to maximize efficiency, increase revenues, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

At the same time, you gain improved awareness of:

  • Preventive and planned maintenance
  • Business transactions, finances and unnecessary expenses
  • Inventories and logistics
  • Customer and supplier contacts
  • Service contracts & warranty issues
  • Service planning
  • Target and key figure follow-up

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Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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IFS Field Service Management, end-to-end demo

IFS Field Service Management, mobile demo

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