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Project Management - Smart Products

Management of complex R&D projects.

A competent project manager is probably the single most valuable asset for the delivery of a successful R&D project. At Prevas we have a solid project culture and an outstanding track-record of delivering our projects on time. One secret behind our success is that we constantly work to streamline our development model and take influence from the best parts of the project management philosophy from our many market-leading customers.

We have our own Project Management Office that acts a supporting organization for our project sponsors and project managers, making sure that we maintain our high quality standards.

For our customers that need on-site project managers helping out in their projects, we have developed our own competence database that enables us to get the best competence match to the customer requirements. Our competence database also provides our on-site consultants with a tool to find support from all of Prevas' collective knowledge.

When required, our consultants can bring our own workstations and development tools to work on-site. This is especially appreciated by our customers with smaller R&D capacity or when highly specialized tools are required.

We can provide expert consultants with competence in: risk management, hazard analysis, PMI, PMP, FMEA/FMECA, quality assurance according to ISO 13485, EIC 62304, SIL, Scrum, feature driven development, Agile, and many more.



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