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Powerful Production Systems

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Digitalizing your process support enables efficient task execution as well as data capture, the basis for insights that lead to continuous improvements. When personnel, equipment and operational processes are linked together into a single cohesive chain, both productivity and production flexibility increase. All this while maintaining full awareness of personnel safety, product quality and requirements compliance in real time.

Awareness of unwanted value leakage is gained through traceability, analyses and overviews. A powerful production system gives you insight into how this is best addressed. All enterprises actively working with their sustainability objectives benefit tremendously from systemic support.

Positive effects that you can expect:

  • Maximized operational efficiency for individual parts as well as the whole
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Clear follow-up against defined KPIs
  • Process visibility

By bringing together the various parts of the production apparatus into a whole, minimizing the amount of manual input, and connecting business and production systems, real-time overviews and input data for decisions are obtained. Both for prompt process adjustments as well as follow-up reports for management-level decisions. Vertical integration and orchestration enable decisions based on facts.

Closely related to the production process are the logistics of production and warehousing, often the main artery of effective operations. Challenges revealed in terms of low production efficiency can many times be resolved with tailored logistics support.

We offer solutions based on multiple technology platforms, all carefully chosen based on your needs and challenges in data collection, traceability, performance, dispatch, execution, resource management and scheduling.

Working with you, we determine the potential of your facility through a solid understanding of your processes, and extensive experience combined with a broad flora of digital solutions adapted for industrial requirements.


Since the beginning in 1985, we’ve joined with our customers in solving tens of thousands of problems – and in most industries.

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  • Hydroscand

    Flexible production system for Hydroscand

  • Meritor

    eLIPS gives Meritor full control over advanced production logistics

  • Scatec ASA

    Digitized maintenance solution for solar cell plants

  • Kystverket

    Digitalized and sustainable system for administration, operations and maintenance

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