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Electronics Design and Hardware Design

Electronics Design and Hardware Design

Hardware design not only requires technical competence but also the ability to execute development projects in a short period of time and at high quality. Prevas has high experience in advanced electronic design from many successful projects. Modern electronic design also requires knowledge of regulatory requirements regarding high speed data, EMC, RoHS, and safety. Prevas has its own labs and design tools, so we can develop products from specification to finished product.

For our customers that need on-site consultants helping out in their projects, we have developed our own competence database that enables us to get the best competence match to the customer requirements. Our competence database also provides our on-site consultants with a tool to find support from all of Prevas' collective knowledge.

When required, our consultants can bring our own workstations and development tools to work on-site. This is especially appreciated by our customers with smaller R&D capacity or when highly specialized tools are required.

We can provide expert consultants with competence in: ARM, DSP, FPGA, x86, high speed data, Hyperlynx, PCB layout, analog design, RF design, digital design, 60601-1, EMC, RoHS, LVD, and many more.


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With leading expertise in high-tech product development, embedded systems and industrial IT & Automation, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions and services that create growth.

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