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Service Design

Service Design is about holistic understanding of user needs before, during, and after product use.

In both the industrial and life sciences sectors, the need for integrated, user-centered design is becoming increasingly evident. The competitive market demands that companies develop products and services that meet basic functional requirements while also delivering exceptional user experiences, where Service Design plays a pivotal role.

For us, Service Design means understanding and designing the entire user experience, encompassing everything from initial interactions with a product or service to long-term engagement and support. By adopting a user-centric approach, companies in the industrial and life sciences sectors can create products and services that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, reducing lead times and inaccuracies.

From User Insight to Product Improvement

The foundation of successful product development lies in a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors. Our Service Design methodology includes techniques like user studies, operator and customer journey analysis, interviews, and observations, which are critical for shaping products and services. These insights can then be used to create prototypes that are quickly tested and iterated, reducing the risk of costly changes at later stages of the development process.

Service Design Provides Insights Across Domains

In an increasingly digital world, we believe in cross-domain collaboration. In the industrial and life sciences sectors, we bring together various domains - from engineers and designers to marketers and UX experts - to create a holistic solution. This collaborative approach promotes innovation and ensures that all aspects of the user experience are considered, from ergonomics and functionality to aesthetics and brand identity.

Service Design = Low Environmental Impact + Low Life Cycle Costs

We continuously work with designs that focus on sustainability. Service Design identifies opportunities and issues that help companies integrate sustainability into their products and services. Our design solutions aim for low environmental impact and low life cycle costs, leading to products and services that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically advantageous in the long term.

Service Design

Through Service Design, we help our clients:

  • Focus on the user. Service Design concentrates on understanding users' needs and desires, which is crucial for creating services that are both usable and effective.

  • Gather diverse perspectives. Service Design brings together different viewpoints, such as those of customers, suppliers, and system operators, which is essential for creating services that are efficient and sustainable.

  • Create an overarching view. Service Design offers a comprehensive view of the service, from its design to delivery, which is vital for creating a positive user experience.

Industrial Design at Prevas

Together with Myra, part of Prevas, we have a long history of successful industrial collaborations and extensive experience with both technology and user needs.

Our Service Design team, comprised of senior experts in various design and technology areas, works closely with our clients to ensure that every project has business-smart and user-centered design solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how Service Design can elevate your products and services and how we can help you realize this vision.


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