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Test and Measurement Systems

We deliver test and measurement systems for R&D and Production.

What is Test and Measurement Systems?

A test system can help you with automated testing of your hardware product, which is often beneficial compared to manual testing. A test system can perform mechanical testing, functional testing, electrical testing or testing of any kind of physical property.

Instruments and sensors are integrated into a test system solution, which often also includes actuators, control units and mechanical fixtures. Essentially, a test and measurement system includes both hardware and software, all in one package!

Benefits with Test and Measurement Systems

  • Quality Assurance
    Automated testing results in a larger test coverage and operator independent tests, which in turn leads to better and more robust products.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Finding issues early in the development process, as well as in the production, saves time and money.
  • Innovation
    Evaluating new concepts requires reliable measurements. Statistically significant amounts of data are also important for accurate conclusions.

Our Services

We develop test systems designed for your needs and specific technology. With our long experience and extensive expertise, we can provide solutions for any industry. Contact us to find out more!

Test Rigs - robust and scalable turnkey test systems

A test rig is a complete system that controls, measures, and evaluates a device according to defined testparameters. It includes both hardware and software. Sensors, instruments, and actuators are integrated using data acquisition hardware or protocols. The software handles all interfaces to hardware and other systems, as well as the user interface for the operator.

A test rig can be customized to tackle a multitude of difficult measurement tasks necessary to fulfill your specific requirements and needs. It should be built in a reliable and flexible manner with components verified in previous systems. It should also be user-friendly, with a simple user interface and an ergonomic design.

Examples of test rig applications

  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Long duration and stress
  • Hardware in the Loop (HIL)
  • Optical inspection using camera or other sensors
  • Flow, temperature, pressure, and leakage
  • Conductivity and humidity

What we do

We take the overall responsibility and delivers complete turn-key systems for your testing needs. You can rely on the systems from us for many years, due to their robustness, their stable hardware platform, and well tested software development modules. By using a modular approach for both hardware and software, we build robust and flexible systems, enabling adaptations to future products and needs.

Our customers always come first, and we want you to be involved through the whole process of developing a test rig. In order to do that, we schedule several meetings to discuss and follow-up on your project. By doing this, we are making sure that you will get the system that you have envisioned.

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PCB Test Systems - electronics production test systems

A PCB Test System is a specific test system for production testing of printed circuit boards (PCB). For products including PCBs it is important to test each board to ensure product quality.

Our PCB Test Systems for functional testing make sure that the board is working correctly by flashing software, measuring electrical signals, and evaluating LED performance. A product must pass all tests to be approved by the system.

We develop a customized test system for your board based on our platform. We integrate real-time process monitoring, enabling visualization of your test. This will make it easy for you to quickly identify production performance problems.

PCB Test System from us are

  • Built on a proven hardware and software platform
  • Compact and robust
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Made to include real-time process monitoring
  • Intuitive and easy to use

What we do

We have developed a concept for delivering PCB test systems quickly and with high quality. We develop and integrate mechanics, electronics, instruments, and software according to known principles. Our platform provides robust and scalable test systems for electronic devices.

By using a customized test PCB from us, your system will be very compact which eliminates the need for long wires and results in a more cost-efficient solution. Customer-specific solutions are added to the test PCB, such as muxes, microampere measurements, customize interfaces or anything else specific to your product.

We make sure that the solution is tailored to your needs and that all your requirements are met. We perform electronics measurements, test your PCB and provide feedback with suggestions for improvements during the development process.

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Machine Vision - non-intrusive quality assurance for production

In machine vision, sensor hardware is combined with image processing software to enable automatic inspection of products in for example the manufacturing industry. Using cameras to check dimensions and find defects is an efficient way to ensure quality and consistency in production.

For more complex applications our automated inspection system can also be based on or include other optical measurements techniques besides camera-based solutions. These techniques also acquire information remotely and non-intrusively but can provide different or more accurate information than a camera would.

Examples of automatic inspection

  • Dimensions
  • OCR and barcode scanning
  • 2D and 3D object recognition
  • Contour and roughness measurement
  • Classification and defect detection

What we do

You will get a reliable and robust machine vision system from us that solves your task. As your partner in test and measurement systems, we deliver off-the-shelf systems for more common tasks as well as custom built systems for greater challenges. We make sure that the integration is smooth and that the system fulfills all your requirements.

Our machine vision systems are a combination of custom selected hardware and software. We work with various kinds of hardware combined with both traditional image analysis software and AI computer vision that uses machine learning algorithms.

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Measurement Systems - flexible and reliable measurements

A measurement system uses sensors or other instruments to generate data. The system stored the data for later evaluation. A system may be used for research purposes or to characterize a prototype during development. Another application is to measure on devices, components, or products to learn more about them.

To be able to perform measurements under different conditions, an automated system can generate signals to change the settings of the device it is measuring on or the surrounding environment. Generation of data enables innovation, and a well-designed measurement system will ensure that your data is valid and measured with the right resolution and accuracy.

Measurement system characteristics

  • Accurate and reliable
  • Flexible and robust
  • Adopted to your needs
  • Innovative if needed
  • Scalable and easy to maintain
  • User-friendly

What we do

You will get an easy to use, efficient and robust measurement system from us. We will evaluate the best possible measurement method, and make sure the most suitable sensors or instruments are used. With a team of measurement specialists and hardware and software designers we will deliver a complete turn-key system.

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